Picture of wet salted cod

Salted cod fillets – Bacalao from Lofoten

Located in The Lofoten Islands, right in the middle of the Gulf Stream, we have immediate access to fresh cod. From cooperating boats, we select only the best quality. The main season is from January to May. The cod used for the wet salted fillet production is usually caught by longline or handline, ensuring the highest quality, nutritional value and good taste of the fish.

Our wet salted cod fillets has matured in salt in order to obtain a salt content of 20-22 per cent. Therefore these cod fillets must be desalted in fresh water before preparation.

Factory outlet in individual/single fillets portion.
Export packing 25 kg net weight in cartons.

Picture of a cod

Fresh cod

From cooperating boats, we select only the best quality fresh cod. The main season is The Lofoten Fishery from January to May. The cod delivered is usually caught by longline or handline as this type of gears provides the best quality.

Packed in 10 kg and 20 kg polyboxes.
January - April, small volumes the rest of the year.
Picture of a crab


The edible crab/brown crab (canser pagurus) is found in significant densities along the Norwegian coast all the way up to Lofoten. The typical crab season is from midsummer up to Christmas. For some parts of the country, the crab season lasts all year round.

The crab is fished by Coastal fishing boats using traps baited with fish to lure the crab. An effective boat with the proper arrangements for crab fishing, is served by two men that will keep 5 -600 traps. These boats can have daily catches of more than 1000 kg.

Our main customer is Hitramat AS